Z+B in Cave Creek, AZ

Hello all you desert dwellers... As an addendum to our recent touring up north, we are going to play one last show in the great state of Arizona. Our trusted "tour pony" (the van) was on loan and will be returning triumphantly home to her pasture in AZ, so we thought we would do one last shindig before we recluse into the studio to conjure up more tunes.  

THIS SATURDAY - OCTOBER 17th  at 7:30 pm we'll be playing at Janey's Coffee Co. & Bodega in Cave Creek, AZ - $10 tickets at the door. Come say hello and grab our latest album '10 Love Songs From Montecito.' - 


Fall Tour Dates Announced

It came together. Our dear Bridget, the in-house booker for this operation, braved the cold-calls to venues and countless emails to tie together a lovely string of cities and venues for us to play our tunes. Next week we set out to the Pacific Northwest - where the fires rage - to perform for the good folks of NorCal, Oregon and Washington. We are honored to have an incredible group of hosts for home concerts and small venues. 

Please help us spread the word that will be on tour to the Pacific Northwest.  Click the buttons below to share this email on Facebook or forward it to a friend.  

See you soon,



The Road Ahead and the Road Behind

Hello Hello - We hope that summer finds you well in your little corner of the world.  

We've returned from our tour through the Desert West where we shared new tunes with wonderful people. We performed in bars, homes, art spaces and barns. We drove our tightly packed car through desolate red rock canyons and high deserts of Utah and Arizona.  Life slowed down on tour- we were thankful to have a moment to rack focus on our time in this beautiful country away from the buzzing of the city.

Upon our return to the vortex of Los Angeles we found ourselves with the opportunity to perform and help curate a stage at the Make Music Pasadena Music Festival.  Embarking on these sorts of endeavors has the potential of dealing a crushing blow to your moral - mostly because you're trying to hedge your artsy vision against the reality of little-to-no resource. HOWEVER, this event was a huge win. It was Mana from heaven. We had an amazing team of support and most of our favorite LA-based bands joined the lineup. Furthermore, we got some accolades from a prominent LA music blog.

SO what's next??

We are going to continue touring.  We'll be traveling up to NorCal and the Pacific Northwest in August & September.Again, we're looking for folks who dig our tunes to help us host home concerts.  If you're interested or know anybody in the cities listed below please shoot us an email or click any of the open dates below and help us book this.

Yours Truly,  

Zach + Bridget


Make Music Pasadena

We are really honored to be asked to perform and help curate the music for this year's  Make Music Pasadena Festival.  We put out the word to a handful of our favorite LAbands and damn near all of them joined the bill -The Wild Reeds, Leslie Stevens, Tall Tales and The Silver Lining - to name a few.

We want to invite you to attend this free music festival on Saturday June 6th. We will be doing two sets of music throughout the day - one with the full band and a more intimate show as a duet in the evening.  Check out the info and flier below.  

Zach+Bridget w/band @ 3:25 pm
STATS Stage - 120 South Raymond Avenue
More info

Zach+Bridget duet @ 7:00 pm 

Copa Vida Stage - 70 South Raymond Avenue
Zach+Bridget @ 3:25
More info


The Physical Form of Our Music

We set sail on a tour through the desert west with our new album of songs. This is the first album we have made as husband & wife and it was recorded in a way that marks the beginning of a new approach for us in making music - we didn't try to make a perfect sounding record we tried to capture a moment of musicians (great friends) playing live in a space. It is an honest representation of our art. This is 10 Love Songs From Montecito. It was made to be held and hand delivered -This album will only be available in physical form. 

The making of a live album

The making of this last album was somewhat of a dream.  All the cogs seemed to fall into the right place. In a fortuitous twist of fate we met a gentleman musician a couple weeks prior to recording.  We chatted about music and told him about the album we were about to embark on.  We still don't quite understand this level of generosity but the man said he would like to help and offered up his own recording equipment with the only caveat that he wanted to see the gear used to make good music. 

So with this gear and a great band we set up in a friend's studio two blocks from our home in the foothills of Sierra Madre. Our goal was to track live and capture great takes of a band playing together in a room. We shirked a lot of the modern convention in music-making and used the computer like a tape machine. Billy said it best "if we were photographers, we are setting up to take a photo of a bullet train passing by... we better get the shot." 

We ate a lot of great food and drank a lot of whiskey and we recorded a collection of songs that, if nothing else, will serve to bottle a beautiful moment and become our debut album as a duet - Love Songs From Montecito.


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