Goodbye 2016 - In Remembrance of David. In Remembrance of Leonard.

Standing at the threshold of the unknown, we bid adieu to the Year of Our Lord 2016… There is so much to say about this tumultuous and beautiful year in the rear view. There are ends and new beginnings coming for this husband and wife band. However, for the time being, we will refrain from reflective commentary as our art steeps in the questions at hand. For intents and purposes, this digital letter is an offering... a prayer...  we the beneficiaries of a gift attempting to pay forward the music and the legacy of comrades as they "spun off the earth" (in the words of my mother) and we embark on another trip around the sun.

Goodbye David, may you find peace in the coral sands of Mars. Goodbye Leonard, I hope you heard that divine chord as your eyes lifted to the sky. To our friends and family... we love you and hope this note finds you with gold in your hearts and eyes as you look to the new year.  

Credit Note: "Life on Mars" was performed live by Bridget and pianist Derek Purdy - husband #2 for Bridget and the pianist on our albums Dimes and 10 Love Songs from Montecito.

Happy New Year, Peace & Love



We are honored to be asked to perform and curate two stages this year at the Make Music Pasadena Festival. 

Saturday June 11th | Free | info

Z+B in Cave Creek, AZ

Hello all you desert dwellers... As an addendum to our recent touring up north, we are going to play one last show in the great state of Arizona. Our trusted "tour pony" (the van) was on loan and will be returning triumphantly home to her pasture in AZ, so we thought we would do one last shindig before we recluse into the studio to conjure up more tunes.  

THIS SATURDAY - OCTOBER 17th  at 7:30 pm we'll be playing at Janey's Coffee Co. & Bodega in Cave Creek, AZ - $10 tickets at the door. Come say hello and grab our latest album '10 Love Songs From Montecito.' -