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1 -  You have a house, loft, small gallery, studio or other private space that can comfortably host 15 - 35+ people.  Having guests sit on the floor is perfectly fine and works rather well. We prefer to do these shows inside - for acoustic reasons; however, we can make some special arrangements.  You may compliment the evening with beverages, a potluck dinner, BYOB, etc.  IT IS UP TO YOU.  We have no expectations. In our experience, SIMPLER has been better.

2 -  Invite guests and have a minimum of 15 people attend the performance.  We are comfortable performing in front of as many people as you feel comfortable hosting in your home. Tickets to attend are $10.00  per person at the door, excluding the hosts - please make the ticket price known in your invitation to your guests.  We also will do a flat rate to perform and price is depending on the type of show.

3 - Request to book a home concert with Z+B  by filling out the form (to the right). By doing so you do not obligate yourself to host, we'll just follow up with you.