DECEMBER 6th - House Concert - 7PM


Graylings Session #3 - Paisley Dress

Directed and Filmed by John Metcalf  Audio by Billy Burke

We love performing with a full band.  With this last Graylings Session we stepped up the production for our song Paisley Dress.  We were lucky to work with the "A-Team"  of musicians. The beautiful part of playing with great musicians is how they bring out a new character of a song.  It's like watching your lover put on a sexy dress (Paisley pattern for continuity) and you think "damn, that is good looking."    


Graylings Session #2 - Delta Dream

[Zach] - The art of sleep evades me.  So I went to the doctor for some help - I turn down his sleeping pills and he offers an alternative.  He hands me a pair of sunglasses that blink red and blue lights.  "Wear these before you go to bed," he said " they will help your brain activate Delta Waves." I give the doc a duck-face...  he explains further - "Your brain enters different frequency waves during sleep and you are having trouble getting into Delta brain waves" -  this is the medical way of saying "you're still afraid of the dark."  SO, I give it a try.  I crawl in bed with my Delta Shades on. I start to imagine the desert and I am laying on warm sandstone staring at the turquoise sky through these glasses. The sun falls on my skin and I wait for rest to cover me.  I find some sleep and a love song. 


EXPECTANT - New Instrumental Music

My best friend recently told me that he and his wife are having a baby.  He sent me an audio file of the babies heart beat after their last visit to the doctor. I was filled with wonder listening to what sounded like a train under water or the panting of a dog and realizing this was human struggling to be born.  In the beating of the heart, I began hearing tones and a definite phrase - so as a musician I started to put instruments to what I was hearing.  I know it sounds "over the top" but I felt like there was a composition that existed in the heart beat; I was just hearing it and putting instruments to what heard. I wonder if this child will hear this one day and feel a connection.

Graylings Session #1 - Pale Moonlight


The Graylings Session is a collaboration with film director John Metcalf and engineer Billy Burke to produce live music videos of songs that will be on the forthcoming album of Zach + Bridget.  Over the next few months we thought it would be interesting to share the bare skeleton of these songs before they go through the many machines and re-writes that happen in recording.  We shared a rough cut of this first one back in May but this is the finished video // Graylings Session #1 "Pale Moonlight"

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